Marine Cargo & Hull (Machinery) Takaful

Marine Cargo Takaful is to protect Insured against physical loss of and/or damage to goods whilst in transit from one place to another by Sea, Air and Road.

Type of Policies

Open Cover: This facility available to the Insured who frequently Import or Export cargo and this cover provides automatic and continuous protection to all the shipments sent by any mode of transport.

Specific Cover: This covers a particular voyage/transit on specific request of individual shipment.

Types of Cover
  • Basic cover: Fire, explosion, vessel or craft being stranded, grounded, sunk, capsized, overturned or derailment of land conveyance including General Average and Salvage Charges

  • All Risks Covers: All types of physical loss or damage to the cargo during sea/air/road transit as per ICC(A), ICC(AIR) and Land Transit Clause (A) except general exclusions.

  • Additional Cover: War, Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion

Pleasure Yacht Takaful

Loss or damage to Boat and Machinery due to perils of sea, fire, jettison, piracy, contact with dock or harbor equipment or installation, objects falling from aircraft, earthquake, volcanic eruption, lightning, theft of the entire Vessel or her boat or outboard motors. Third Party liabilities are covered under a separate policy; it includes loss or damage to any other vessel and/or property and/or loss of life and personal injuries.
Sum Insured - Value of Vessel, Vessel’s Dinghies, Personal Effects, Out Board and Trailer.